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Historic buildings, sites and cultural events provide many opportunities to enjoy the delightful past and the vibrant present of the "Kaolin Capital of the World." Created in 1784 by the Georgia legislature, Washington County was the tenth county formed in Georgia and was named in tribute to Revolutionary War General, and our first President, George Washington. Originally a geographically large county, ten other counties were eventually carved from it, resulting in the present boundaries. In 1796,Sandersville was named the county seat. Other communities in the county include Davisboro, Deepstep, Harrison, Oconee, Riddleville, Tennille and Warthen.

Over two centuries have defined this community by generations of prosperity, wars, and economic transition. Our Colorful Heritage resonates along the tree-lined streets of Washington County. Stately examples of Victorian, Greek Revival and Antebellum-era architecture stand testament to the resilience of and Rich Traditions this Middle Georgia community of over 21 ,000 residents. Through it all, the small town neighborhoods of Washington County have continued to offer a genteel hospitality to newcomers and visitors alike.

More than 60 million years ago, a rich lode of silicates moved down the rivers and streams of Georgia from the Appalachian Mountains and deposited kaolin in and around present-day Washington County. This fine white clay, locally known as - white gold continues to be of vital economic importance to Washington County and the surrounding area. Kaolin is used in a wealth of products such as paper, paint, medicines, plastics, fiberglass, fertilizer, and many more items familiar to us all. As a major industry in our county, many high-tech jobs associated with the mining and processing of this important mineral have attracted residents and business people from around the globe.

Changing With the Times Enhanced infrastructure capabilities on the part of local government and economic development partners and a great quality of life have in recent years attracted such well-known companies as Trojan Battery Company, Dura-Line Pipe Company, American Railcar Industries, Meltblown Technologies, Zorlu Manufacturing, Gratrax USA, and others to the community. In addition, companies such as Washington County Machine Shop, Helton Electrical Services, and a number of other "home-grown" businesses have seen growth and been able to expand their operations. Washington County takes very seriously its designation by the Georgia Department of Economic Development as an Entrepreneur Friendly Community.

Located in east central Georgia, Washington County is within easy reach of Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, and Augusta. The Fall-Line Freeway is a new major east-west highway corridor, and the county is also an active participant in the promotion of the Highway 15 Coalition, geared to improve both tourism and economic development opportunity along this major route.

As you explore the pages of this online publication, you'll discover that we are a community committed toward educational improvement, boasting two colleges, a progressive public school system, and a private school. We are also a regional hub for healthcare, and we take considerable pride in promoting our superb quality of life. We are blessed with fields, streams, recreational amenities, tidy neighborhoods, and caring churches. Our colorful heritage resonates along the tree-lined streets of Washington County. Stately examples of Victorian, Greek Revival, and Antebellum-era architecture stand testament to the resilience of this eastern, middle Georgia community of over 21,000 residents.––Our citizens extend a hearty welcome!

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